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Auteur is a gracefully crafted WordPress theme created specifically for writing authors, bloggers, reviewers, publishers, book distributors, book stores anyone whose work concerning writing and other book-related services. It was for writers or professional bloggers. The theme features an elegant design, seamless interface with great user experience taken into consideration. Besides, there are premium plugins namely WPBakery Page Builder, Slider Revolution alongside abundant comprehensive shortcodes for assisting professional site building process.

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Auteur comes with a lot of powerful options & features that help you build professional website without touching any code line.

  • Easy to Get Started – We already build 04 Pre-homepage demos are available to get you started in seconds. Build website within a seconds as easily as never before. Import whole demo content, and set up your web site to look just like any of our demo examples in One Click Install Demo Data.
  • Responsive & Retina Ready – Every detail has been throughtfully refined and design to look sharp and crisp on retina-ready devices!
  • WooCommerce Compatible – Auteur has style WooCommerce pages and elements . You can bring your business online and sell things right away.
  • Built-in Mega Menu – Smart Mega Menu help you have beautiful drop down menus. You can use icons for every menu items or change colors/design easily.
  • Advanced Typography Options – On the Auteur theme, we strong focus on design and typography, usability and overall user-experience. You can change the overall typography just with some click such as font family, font size, font weight&style. Auteur does not only include more than 800+ awesome Google Fonts, you can also manage all fonts and upload many custom font as your liking to the theme.
  • Child Theme Included – Don’t want to touch theme files in case of update? Right, we included child theme in case you need to modify code.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE11, Opera
  • WPbakery page builder – Auteur comes with premium WPBakery Page Buider plugin – most awesome page builder for WordPress that lets you effortlessly set up and organize your page layout and content. We also provide over 100+ pre-build element templates so you will be able to customize anything you want super easily, never code.
  • 40+ Pre-made Element Templates – Auteur includes 40+ custom Templates for the WPBakery Page Builder. We have created and classed templates depending on their styles and purpose in order to give the user and smart interface to easily find the templates that fit their needs. Using our Element Template you will be albe to create awesome pages and posts. Experience the legendary flexiblility of Auteur Theme!
  • Smart Content Block – Create your specific layout by using WPBakery Page Buider and save it as Content Block, then you will be able to save tons of time in case you need to reuse it next time. Smart Content Block give you the power to create any type of Page Title/Top Bar/Top Drawer/Footer.
  • Tons of shortcodes and custom widgets – Auteur has not only included the core set of powerful features and option, but also tons of useful shortcodes and 9+ custom widgets that can be used in the sidebars, footer and page builder.
  • Powerful & Detailed Options Panel – Theme Options are logically positioned with full control and endless design combination allowing you access them effortlessly. You will be able to use Preset Options and Page Settings to modify each pages with different options/layout and make them unique.
  • Preset – Preset are options that were set beforehand to facilitate use, it will override settings in Theme Options on all pages/posts applyed it. Presets work in tandem with the Theme Options. They will override Theme Options which allows you to have a uniue page or post outside of your global settings. This vast network of options work together to allow you to build incredible websites.
  • Page Settings – Page Settings is one of the Auteur’s features that located within each page and post. Page Settings will only affect the individual page you change them on and overrides options set in the Theme Options and Preset (If this page/post applied any preset).
  • Parallax Effect – With Auteur you can not only use your image/video to create awesome background but also add parallax effect to the rows.
  • Set Video background/Parallax background, or choose Color of upload custom background image.
  • Using Content Block to customize Page Title background.
  • Choose accent color for your website and it will change sitewide. Also you can easily change colors of each area such as Top Bar, Header, Footer etc.
  • Unlimited Color Presets – Create unlimited skins and apply easily for each area in one click. It gives your website the professional look and feel you are truly looking for.
  • 8+ Unique Header Layouts – You can choose from 8 different header layouts, customize Navigation.
  • Auteur let you the possibility to build your own Top Bar using WPbakery page builder.
  • Set the mobile header.
  • Sticky Sidebar – create an unlimited number of custom sidebar. Use Sticky sidebar feature to have a visible sidebar that moves automatically when scroll down page.
  • With Auteur, you can change your footer style easily. If you do not like the pre-made footer as our demo data, you can create your own using the page builder.
  • Enable/disable Footer in the Preset or Theme Options.
  • WooCommerce compatible with full design integration.
  • WPBakery Page Builder and Revolution Slider included for FREE.
  • Contact Form 7 plugin is ready.
  • 7+ Blog Layouts.
  • Blog Options let you the possibility to setup Blog Listing/Search Listing/Single Blog page.
  • Tons of options to choose from such as show/hide information, specify animation, pagination type, number of posts per page, etc.

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Product Category

Gutenberg Optimized


High Resolution


Widget Ready


Compatible Browsers

Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari

Compatible With

Bootstrap 4.x, Elementor, WooCommerce 5.x.x, WooCommerce 6.x.x, WPBakery Page Builder

Software Version

WordPress 5.5.x, WordPress 5.6.x, WordPress 5.7.x, WordPress 5.8.x, WordPress 5.9.x, WordPress 6.0.x,

ThemeForest Files Included

CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files




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Version 5.6 – 2022-09-06

  • FIXFix share facebook on author page

Version 5.5 – 2022-08-17

  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.5.31
  • UPDATEUpdate pagination for shortcode author

Version 5.4 – 2022-07-06

  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.5.25
  • FIXFix widget product singular

Version 5.3 – 2022-05-03

  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.5.21
  • UPDATEUpdated WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress(formerly Visual Composer) to 6.9.0
  • FIXFix display html in section author Quote

Version 5.2 – 2022-04-04

  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.5.19

Version 5.1 – 2022-01-15

  • UPDATECompatible with Elementor
  • UPDATEUpdated less to sass
  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.5.14
  • UPDATEUpdated WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress(formerly Visual Composer) to 6.8.0
  • FIXFix limit the maximum number of products added to the cart

Version 5.0 – 2021-11-29

  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.5.11
  • FIXFix option “Shop Above Customize Options”

Version 4.9 – 2021-09-20

  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.5.8

Version 4.8 – 2021-08-07

  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.5.6
  • UPDATECompatible with WordPress 5.8

Version 4.7 – 2021-07-16

  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.5.4
  • UPDATEUpdated WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress(formerly Visual Composer) to 6.7.0
  • FIXFix post format link

Version 4.6 – 2021-05-13

  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.4.11

Version 4.5 – 2021-04-22

  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.4.8
  • UPDATECompatible with WooComerce 5.2.2

Version 4.4 – 2021-04-01

  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.4.6
  • FIXFix social share

Version 4.3 – 2021-02-25

  • UPDATEUpdated WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress(formerly Visual Composer) to 6.6.0
  • UPDATEUpdated ovewrite template shortcode in theme or child theme

Version 4.2 – 2021-02-17

  • FIXFix error image size listing product

Version 4.1 – 2021-02-05

  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.3.9
  • FIXFix undefined site title when ajax event listing

Version 4.0 – 2021-01-05

  • UPDATEUpdated WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress(formerly Visual Composer) to 6.5.0
  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.3.4

Version 3.9 – 2020-12-09

  • UPDATEUpdated WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress(formerly Visual Composer) to 6.4.2
  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.3.2

Version 3.8 – 2020-11-04

  • FIXFix animation with shortcode video

Version 3.7 – 2020-09-25

  • UPDATEUpdated WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress(formerly Visual Composer) to 6.4.1
  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.2.23
  • UPDATEUpdated widget product author filter

Version 3.6 – 2020-09-10

  • FIXFix invalid URL for the plugin auteur-framework

Version 3.5 – 2020-09-01

  • UPDATEUpdated widget Author Alphabet filter

Version 3.4 – 2020-08-27

  • FIXFix error script color picker alpha in WordPress 5.5

Version 3.3 – 2020-08-24

  • UPDATEUpdated WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress(formerly Visual Composer) to 6.3.0
  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.2.22
  • UPDATECompatible with WooComerce 4.4.0

Version 3.2 – 2020-07-31

  • UPDATEUpdated shortcode event

Version 3.1 – 2020-07-20

  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.2.17
  • UPDATEUpdate style product meta

Version 3.0 – 2020-05-25

  • UPDATEUpdated WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress(formerly Visual Composer) to 6.2.0
  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.2.9
  • FIXFix style reviews form in product page

Version 2.9 – 2020-03-31

  • FIXFix pagination ajax

Version 2.8 – 2020-03-20

  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.2.2
  • UPDATECompatible with WooComerce 4.0.0
  • FIXFix style social icon wishlist page

Version 2.7 – 2020-03-01

  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.2.1
  • UPDATECompatible with WooComerce 3.9.2
  • FIXFix Config posts_per_page in event listing and search page
  • FIXFix pagination on shortcode product tabs

Version 2.6 – 2020-01-03

  • UPDATEUpdated WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress(formerly Visual Composer) to 6.1
  • FIXFIX swatches on single product page

Version 2.5 – 2019-12-13

  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.1.5
  • FIXFIX translate text in checkout page

Version 2.4 – 2019-11-22

  • UPDATECompatible with WooComerce 3.8.0
  • UPDATEUpdate option control show section author in single product page

Version 2.3 – 2019-10-10

  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.1.3
  • FIXFIX error widget author alphabet

Version 2.2 – 2019-10-02

Version 2.1 – 2019-09-23

  • FIXFix setting columns in product catalog
  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.1.2

Version 2.0 – 2019-08-31

  • UPDATEUpdated config change menu left and menu right in page setting

Version 1.9 – 2019-08-24

  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.1.0
  • UPDATECompatible with WooComerce 3.7.0
  • UPDATEUpdated additional field to single product

Version 1.8 – 2019-07-27

  • UPDATEUpdated WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress(formerly Visual Composer) to 6.0.5
  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to 6.0.5
  • UPDATEUpdated addons read book for book store

Version 1.7 – 2019-06-17

  • UPDATEUpdated WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress(formerly Visual Composer) to 6.0.3
  • FIXFix create dynamic sidebar with name as number

Version 1.6 – 2019-06-06

  • UPDATEUpdated WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress(formerly Visual Composer) to 6.0.2
  • UPDATEUpdated Revolution Slider to
  • FIXFix function share

Version 1.5 – 2019-04-19

  • UPDATECompatible with WooComerce 3.6.1

Version 1.4 – 2019-03-29

  • UPDATEUpdated show all author in product loop
  • FIXFix function maintenance

Version 1.3 – 2019-02-27

  • UPDATEUpdated WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress(formerly Visual Composer) to 5.7
  • FIXFix shortcode events when use narrow category

Version 1.2 – 2019-02-11

  • FIXFix shortcode events

Version 1.1 – 2019-01-22

  • FIXFix shortcode single product

Version 1.0 – 2019-01-21

  • Initial Release!


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Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.

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